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Welcome to Fat-Belly.Com.

I am a developer based in the UK with experience of C#, SQL Server and Sybase mainly although I have skills in many other areas such as Java, Excel VBA and tools such as Autosys, JIRA. I also have experience as a technical lead with some mentoring experience. People have queried because I write SQL Server books whether I am just a database developer but I believe I am a strong all rounder. If you are looking for some consultancy then you can contact me, where I am happy to discuss any work you are wanting to be undertaken, or check out the menu item under About Me called "Consultancy" if you want to know more

However you are possibly here because of my books. My writing career started with Wrox Press in 2001. Initially I was a technical reviewer before proposing and then commissioned for Beginning SQL Server 2000 for Developers. I then progressed to provide additional matterial on several books including Professional SQL Server 2000 Data Warehousing with Analysis Services, Visual Basic .Net Windows Services Handbook, ASP.NET Components Toolkit as well as several books in an uncredited capacity. When SQL Server 2005 was launched, Beginning SQL Server 2005 For Developers: From Novice to Professional which was soon followed by the Express edition. Both books were subsequently updated with SQL Server 2008.

The upcoming launch of SQL Server 2012 will see the Developers edition of the book updated for features that are pertinent to developers taking the reader from the install of SQL Server through to connecting to your database through several tools.

This book differs from many other books on the subject as it designs and builds an application rather than relying on the AdventureWorks example created by Microsoft. I feel by building your own database from the bottom up, you have to rely on the skills you are building throughout the book to have a working example and there is no better way to learn than by example.

I hope you enjoy, like but more importantly develop your skills from the ground up and become a professional developer.

Thank you

Robin Dewson