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I was made redundant on December 18th 2011 from Nomura. Nomura have publicly announced they had to make $1.2bn of savings and most of this would come from Europe. So I have seen this as an opportunity to complete my book, learn new skills and find a new challenge. Below is a list of what I am currently working on.

Beginning SQL Server 2012 For Developers

This is the latest edition of my book on SQL Server. My first edition was with SQL Server 2000 and there have been versions for SQL Server 2005 and 2008. It is a book that is ideal for those who have not worked with databases before but it also useful for those who have worked with databases but not SQL Server. I have had many emails complementing me on the style of writing and content. The book is available in the Apress Alpha program and is due for release mid April


A friend of mine has asked if I would be interested in completing some WCF work for him and this is something that I have not worked on before and quite excites me. More to follow!


All my C# desktop application work has been using WinForms. However WPF is something that could produce more interesting applications for the end user. More to follow here as well....


jQuery has passed me by in the past mainly through not needing to come across it. But now that I have (via the same friend who has asked me to do some WCF work) its an area that I would like to spend time learning. I could use this for or I could use it for my prototype database application. I may trial it with a site for my wife for her cake decorating. Its not a business but something to show off.


iPhone and Android have interested me for a while although I have never been able to justify the time it would require to look at this technology and get up to speed. However I would like to write an application for the local Air Cadets that could then be sold to raise much needed funds for the group. I have a couple of ideas which I will look to build over the coming weeks and months. It will be interesting to see how this progresses.

This is a Joomla based site ( is a DotNetNuke site) that I set up for the local air cadet group. Joomla is quite a different way of working to DotNetNuke and uses PHP for the front end and MySQL as its database. The site is maturing although waiting on content from the cadets before going fully live.